Selena Gomez is officially a single lady.

The 'Heart Wants What It Wants' singer revealed her relationship status -- and spoke about Justin Bieber, her new single and even Tinder -- during a recent radio interview.

When asked if recording the emotional 'The Heart Wants What It Wants' was a way to help her heal from her relationship with Justin, Selena was honest.

"I think for me, whatever line of work I do, I have to make sure I'm passionate about it," she explained. "I definitely have so much respect and love for him and going in the studio is just very therapeutic. … It was my way of having it be a message -- more to people in general. People everywhere feel this feeling and they should understand when anybody goes through … when they just can't help what they want and what they love."

While Selena took us on a deeply personal journey with her new single -- giving the world an intimate look at her candid feelings about her relationship with Justin -- she confirmed that she is not seeing anyone at the moment.

"No, I'm not actually," she replied when asked if she was dating. And in case you were wondering, she's also not on Tinder.

"Oh goodness, no. I don't never know how to work it to be honest," she laughed. "Definitely, definitely not on Tinder."

We have to say, we're happy to see Selena taking some time for herself. While Jelena shippers may be disappointed that she and Justin are no longer together, we think that the time apart has been good for them and allowed them both to grow as people. And it's great to see that they still have respect and love for each other, even if they're not together anymore.

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