Selena Gomez said she was getting personal on her upcoming album Revival, and her song "Sober" certainly reaffirms that statement.

The track landed online today (October 7), just two days ahead of the album's official release date. While Selena's last two singles were oozing with sex appeal and a newfound sense of confidence, "Sober" takes it a touch more intimate without sacrificing the fun. With an insistent percussive beat and a catchy vocal melody, "Sober" is the kind of infectious pop song that deserves the single treatment. Make it happen, Selena!

Although the obvious association for a track with lyrics like, "We fall for each other at the wrong time / Only for a moment but I don't mind" may be a romantic one -- many have already speculated that the song is about Selena’s highly publicized, tumultuous relationship with Justin Bieber -- she says it’s not that simple.

During a recent interview with TIME, Selena said “Sober” isn’t about a same old love, but about using alcohol as a social crutch: "'Sober' is one of my favorite songs, but it’s not even about one specific person. 'Sober' came from me and Chloe [Angelides], one of the writers, when we were sitting in a hall and talking about social awkwardness. I would hang out with people and they would drink and they’re so fun, then the next day it would be weird. I actually left that night and Chloe ended up writing 'Sober.'"

Revival is due out this Friday (October 9), but you can listen to "Sober" above in the meantime.

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