Selena Gomez raised eyebrows after seemingly dropping Kendall and Kylie Jenner as friends post-Coachella, purging her Instagram account of all pictures with them. While the deletion was first explained as a way to remove negative influences in her life, now sources are claiming that the real reason Gomez defriended Kylie was because she was texting Justin Bieber

According to RadarOnline, Gomez found flirtatious texts and photos from Kylie on the Biebs' phone, and needless to say, she was not happy.

“Selena flipped out and there was a huge fight between the girls,” the source claims. “She now wants nothing to do with Kylie or Kendall.”

But according to TMZ, it looks like the shoe may be on the other foot. While the site confirms that drama went down between the trio at Coachella, a different source maintains that it is the Jenner sisters who believe that Gomez is a bad influence and don't care that she has cut them out of her life.

Still, yet another insider tells E! News that all is now simpatico with the group. While Gomez was initially pissed that Kylie and Bieber got "flirty" with each other, she and Kylie are now "fine," the source claims.

Oh, what a tangled web they weave.

Beliebers and Selenators, which account do you believe? Do you think Selena and Kylie should be friends again?