Wizards of Waverly Place alum David Henrie tied the knot with his sweetheart, former Miss Delaware Maria Cahill, on Friday, April 21, and his onscreen little sister, Selena Gomez—along with the rest of his magical Disney Channel family—was on hand to celebrate the nuptials.

Gomez spent the day with Henrie and his family and friends at the SoCal ceremony, where she snapped photos with her former co-stars and, according to the actor, had been planning on performing a song for the newlyweds.

"[Selena] was one of the first people I told I was getting married," Henrie told PEOPLE, which has exclusive photos from the wedding. "She was like, 'I’m in. Whenever it is, I’ll be there.' [She was going to perform but] as it got closer, I was like ‘No, just relax and enjoy the evening!'"

Gomez and the cast of Wizards were reportedly seated together for the event, where Henrie shared that growing up on the show, the kids would bet on "who would be the first one to get married."

"No one bet on Jake [T. Austin] and I didn’t bet on Selena [Gomez]. I probably bet on myself," the actor revealed. "I always knew I wanted to get married and looked forward to being a husband."

Wish granted! See some sweet snapshots from the wedding, below:

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