YouTube caught up with Selena Gomez today, the day of the release of her album, 'When the Sun Goes Down,' for a live-streamed chat made up of questions direct from her biggest fans.

"I love being able to do what I love," the singer gushed when asked about her new record with her band, the Scene. Selena added that on this particular album, she threw a curevball musically in hopes that it would attract new fans. "I think the music was really fun, because this whole record is a lot different than the two that I've already put out," she said. "The music is stronger, the lyrics are cheeky, and I get to be a little sassy in some of the songs, which is really fun for me. I think that this content is more appealing for other audiences."

Overall, Gomez's stint at YouTube was pretty tame, albeit boring, except for the moment mid-way when someone behind the scenes had to tell the star to adjust her miniskirt, which was riding high up her backside by the time she noticed. Unfortunately, questions about Gomez's relationship with 'Baby' beau Justin Bieber were left out -- though they did get her talking about Bruno Mars. The 18-year-old singer/actress spilled that not only is she inspired by the 'Grenade' hitmaker, but she dreams of dueting with him, too. "I would love to go see Ella Fitzgerald sing, and I'd like to do a duet with Bruno Mars," Selena said, adding that she's also inspired by Katy Perry's 'Firework' and Britney Spears all around.

"To be honest, I was, like, obsessed with Hillary Duff because of 'Lizzie McGuire,' so she was a huge influence on me growing up," Gomez continued. "I loved Britney Spears, she was the first CD that I ever bought, and the first concert that I actually ever went to. I was in the pop world a lot."

Now that she's literally in the pop world, as well as a silver screen celebrity, the Texas native said she's had to adapt to the less-than-ideal paparazzi lifestyle. "It's a weird lifestyle for sure. When you have people that are interested, like older guys like following you with cameras, it's really awkward -- all of it is," Selena admitted. "I try to stay as normal as possible, just try to ignore it and put my head down and keep walking."

Amidst the release of her brand new record, Gomez is preparing for her new movie, 'Monte Carlo,' to make its debut on July 1, as well as her ongoing tour with Selena Gomez and the Scene. Oh, and her 19th birthday -- which she won't celebrate on July 22, and chalked up as just another day on the calendar. "I don't celebrate my birthday. Maybe a dinner with friends," the 'Wizards of Waverly Place' star said nonchalantly -- though she will technically give a gift to her fans, as she's performing a concert that day.

'When the Sun Goes Down,' which dropped on June 28, premiered in the Top 5 on iTunes.

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