Sting and Shaggy have released the first single from their upcoming joint album 44/876 titled "Don't Make Me Wait."

"Don't make me wait / Don't make me wait / To love, to love, to love you," Sting sings on the track that was released on Wednesday.

The pair recently discussed the song and their upcoming collaborative album with Rolling Stone and Shaggy mentioned that he thinks "Don't Make Me Wait" sounds like "something that hundreds of women would get pregnant to."

"The most important thing to me in any kind of music is surprise," Sting said about joining forces with Shaggy, who is best known for a number of hits including "It Wasn't Me," "Angel" and "Bombastic" among others.

"And everybody is surprised by this collaboration -- by what they're hearing. We're surprising," the music icon continued.

The joint album is set for release on April 20.

By Wade Sheridan,

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