Although many people familiar with the name Shane Harper know him from his acting gigs on the Disney channel, Harper has truly transformed himself into a triple threat with the release of his debut album, 'One Step Closer' and the LP's title single.

PopCrush recently spoke to Harper about his songwriting process for the track 'One Step Closer,' and how the song seemed to come together very organically in the studio.

"My co-writer that wrote it with me walked in [to the studio] and he goes, 'I've got this idea ... I have this idea for this weird concept about getting one step closer to a girl. What do you think? Like doing these crazy out of control things to get one step closer to a girl'," Shane says. "We just started jamming, and the song was done two hours later. I love it when sessions work out like that because it just happens so naturally and it’s like the song was already there."

The light-hearted and playful tune gave us a beachy, laid-back feel that reminded us of Bruno Mars' more chilled-out tracks as well as fellow singer-songwriter Jason Mraz. Shane thought it was funny when we brought this up, because those two artists were huge inspirations for him.

"When we were writing the record, Bruno Mars was just coming out and he was kind of doing his big thing. So I was really inspired by him when we were putting it together," Harper says. "It's got a little bit of heart, which I think is nice ... I think that's what that Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars vibe you're getting is, they both put so much soul into their songs and that’s kind of what we were going for."

The song 'One Step Closer' is featured on Shane Harper's LP 'One Step Closer,' which was released on April 12. Harper is currently out touring the US with fellow pop stars Greyson Chance and Cody Simpson.

Listen to Shane Harper, 'One Step Closer'