Move over, jealous boyfriends! There's a new boy in town and he's got two things you don't: a guitar and a brand new album. Shane Harper will become the new 'Mr. Steal Your Girl' when he unveils his self-titled debut album on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14.

Shane's 12-song record will showcase his voice in many different ways and will include his singles 'Dance With Me,' 'One Step Closer' and 'Rocketship.'

The newcomer has teamed up with Deep Well Records for the release -- the label that was started by 'Glee' executive music producer Adam Anders -- which is something Shane couldn't be more excited about. "It’s so incredible to record an album under the direction of someone I respect and is so extremely talented," he said in a press release.

Want to preview Shane's album before you buy it? You're in luck! PopCrush will be streaming 'Shane Harper' on Feb. 13, so click back then to check it out!

Shane Harper's 'Shane Harper' Track List:
1. 'One Step Closer'
2. 'When I Look Into Your Eyes'
3. 'Rocketship'
4. 'Your Love'
5. 'I Know What I Know' Feat. Prophet
6. 'Wait for Me' Feat. Bridget Mendler
7. 'Dancin' in the Rain'
8. 'Flat World'
9. 'Say It Cause I Know It'
10. 'Just Friends'
11. 'Dance With Me'
12. 'Rocketship (Acoustic)'