As he screamed in his green screen viral clip, Shia LaBeouf's life mantra is "DO IT!" Whether he's acting, dancing in an excellent Sia video, executing performance art we won't pretend to fully understand or marrying longtime girlfriend Mia Goth at an Elvis-themed ceremony, Shia fully commits. And he did it again this week when he unleashed a freestyle rap on Sway In the Morning. 

The Transformers actor accepted host Sway's ongoing "5 Fingers of Death" challenge, in which visitors to the show rap over five different backing tracks (previous participants have typically been actual rappers, including Atlanta star Donald Glover, Joey Bada$$ and Meek Mill). While Shia's effort won't, or shouldn't, land him a record deal, he did rise to the occasion.

"Yo!!! Who knew was a HYENA?!" Sway tweeted with a clip on Thursday (November 10). See more pleasantly surprised and amused reactions from Sway in the Morning fans.

Watch Shia rap, dropping lines like "And you like it 'cause my life is real / My life is like a highlight reel / Don't like me, check Twitter, how the zeitgeist feel?" in his visit to Sway in the Morning below.

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