Tora Woloshin, a 21-year-old from Tucson, already looked like a pop star when she stepped onto the 'X Factor' stage. With her blond wig, infectious smile, bright makeup, purple boots, flowy green dress and copious tattoos, she was cute as a button and infinitely stylish. She is also studying to be an automotive technician and wants to build race cars. Could Tora be any cooler? She is instant girlfriend material.

But the $5 million question. Is she talented? Oh, hell yes!

When Woloshin opened her mouth to sing the Jackson 5's 'I Want You Back' on 'X Factor,' she easily won the crowd over even more. The audience was already on her side; but once she sang, they were chomping out of the palm of her well-manicured hand. Simon Cowell said, "I absolutely love you, Tora." And he wasn't the only one. Every judge gave her a "yes" for the reason that Cowell pointed out. "This show is about more than just a voice. It's something else," he said. Clearly, Tora Woloshin has that something else, that intangible quality that transforms talented people into superstars.

Tora Woloshin is the total package. She moved and grooved while she performed. Her voice had a unique, sweet and inviting tone, even if it wasn't flawless. She looks every inch the pop star, and her different and funky interests make her even more intriguing.

We predict we'll be seeing her on 'X Factor' for a long, long time.

Watch Tora Woloshin Cover the Jackson 5 on 'X Factor'