Every day, we inch just a little bit closer toward finally holding Masochism in our hands, fellow Little Ferreiranators.

Today, out of nowhere, Sky Ferreira posted one of those gorgeous Nick Knight-directed photographs from her AnOtherMan photo shoot from 2013 with the following alert: "Song 1 from #Masochism will be released early 2016 👼🍒🎆🔮⚰ ::more to come::"

Panic accordingly.

Clicking on the photo reveals a bunch of different collaborators: Nick Knight (photographer), Virgil Ablosh, Alister Mackie (creative director for AnOther Man), as well as producers Rahki and Mike Dean. (Whether the individual angel, cherry, firework, crystal ball and coffin emojis have anything to do with it remains to be seen — but they're worth further analysis.)

For those who need a quick #SKYWATCH refresher: Sky originally announced that a song called "Guardian," which she previewed live many moons ago, would be making its way to our ears this past summer. That didn't happen, and she blames, she blames herself for her tardy reputation. Actually, she says it's because she's doing "way better stuff" now. We'll take that.

"I feel like now because I’m getting older that I’m getting more perspective on things, a greater understanding of situations. Stepping away from them has helped, if you know what I mean. I’m still a pretty angry person – it’s not like it’s going to be zen or anything – but I feel more confident about myself. In a way that I wasn’t at all, ever. I’m learning my own self value," she told Beat last month in an update about the new record.

Prepare for the masochism to fully unfold in the New Year.

Song 1 from #Masochism will be released early 2016 👼🍒🎆🔮⚰ ::more to come::

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