Skylar Grey feels 'Invisible' in her new music video, even as she goes to great lengths to be seen -- the singer dangles from a construction beam hundreds of feet in the air and eventually lights herself on fire.

The slow-motion clip begins with Grey standing atop a skyscraper as she sings about trying hard to make people see the real her: "I take these pills to make me thin / I dye my hair and color my skin / I tried everything to make them see me / But all they see is someone that's not me."

She steps onto a construction beam as she delivers the hook, "Even when I'm walking on barbed wire / Even when I set myself on fire / Why do I always feel invisible, invisible." Later, she crosses a busy street with dozens of cars zooming past, but they don't see her.

Finally, she takes out a lighter and ignites herself, which still fails to draw the attention of the two people sitting next to her. There's no happy ending here. Grey just feels alone, a universal emotion that will probably have many viewers feeling her pain.

'Invisible' is from Grey's similarly-titled 'Invinsible' album, set for release sometime this fall. The 'n' in the album title was added at the suggestion of Marilyn Manson. It's the first official release for Grey, not counting an earlier record she released as Holly Brook.

Watch the Skylar Grey 'Invisible' Video