Skylar Grey once again opened up about working with Marilyn Manson on a song called 'Can't Haunt Me,' which will appear on her debut album 'Invinsible.'

Grey told PopCrush about how the shock rocker actually helped to name the album; she's now further expanded on 'Can't Haunt Me' in a video chat with Rap-Up TV.

Grey sorta gushed about working with Manson, saying, "I feel honored to have him on my album. He is a true artist and a genius, and I've looked up to him for many years." She said the partnership was surreal and that the song is about zombies. She also revealed that she reached out to the singer in January and that she wanted to wait till she had some "clout" as a hit-making songwriter and an artist before approaching him.

Grey is certainly polarizing when it comes to the people she performs with and for. With her collaboration with Manson aligning her with the dark side, she also stepped into the light by performing for the Dalai Lama last month at the World Peace Event. She called the event "so random" and even detailed how she interacted with the Lama. Or is it the Dalai?

Grey's star is certainly on the rise, thanks to her songwriting prowess and her own unique, inimitable voice.

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