Which song will reign supreme as the Song Of Summer 2015? We’re going through some of the top contenders of the year so far. Place your vote for your fave!

All eyes were on the trophy-collecting Taylor Swift at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards Sunday night (May 17), but as far as folks' ears were concerned, performers Tori Kelly and Kelly Clarkson had the market cornered.

The previous American Idol contestants—one, a Hollywood Week-reject who clawed her way back into the zeitgeist; the other, the show's most famous winner—have both managed to achieve popularity without allowing noisy production to eclipse their booming voices. Artistic integrity is no guarantee once contracts are signed, but as these two have proven, sales and skill are not mutually exclusive.

So far in PopCrush's Song of Summer 2015 tournament, Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea have squared off against Major Lazer, DJ Snake and MØ; Sia's gone head-to-head with Jason Derulo; and Flo Rida, Robin Thicke and Verdine White stepped to Galantis. Who'll come out of the next battle alive?

Check out a breakdown of the competition's final first-round heat:

The song: "Nobody Love"
The performer: Tori Kelly
The producer: Max Martin
The charts: No. 67 on Billboard Hot 100, No. 18 on Pop as of May 22
The video: A Capella crooning in a diner booth, an impromptu performance beside the restaurant's bathrooms and hobos who can't help but dance along.
The reasoning: The lead single off Kelly's debut album Unbreakable Smile registers like a spring day in San Francisco: Its warm and sunny first verse could make a garden grow, but a sudden bout of low pressure reduces its hook to a cool, foggy respite from the heat. You could play it at a youth softball game or after-hours nightclub and it wouldn't sound out of place at either, which is the 22-year-old's commercial appeal in a nutshell—she's a little bit Disney and she's a little bit sex kitten. Thankfully, though, toeing the line hasn't come at the expense of a great track by a promising artist.

The song: "Invincible"
The performer: Kelly Clarkson
The producer: Greg Kurstin
The charts: Debuted at No. 50 on Billboard Pop Digital Songs in March, currently uncharted
The video: A lyric video that features block letters, paint swirls and soapy bubbles—likely dreamed up in a kindergarten's craft room.
The reasoning: The midtempo, orchestral tune is an arguably unorthodox choice for Song of Summer: It's not held captive by a drum machine, it won't pack a dance floor at last call and it doesn't bear a single mention of what's on ice behind the bar. But Clarkson has never been one for gimmicks, and with "Invincible," she's got her fans—who have come to expect substance over style—right where she wants them. The second Piece By Piece single, which was hand-delivered by Sia (whose unmistakable timbre serves as deliciously eerie background), speaks to Clarkson's enduring message: Even if you fall (and Miss Independent has got stumbling down to a science), your knee-scrapes will eventually calcify into a suit of armor. If she was stronger before, she's since become unconquerable.

Two undeniable talents, but only one victor can move on: Who's your pick? Vote in the poll below!