In 10 Cover Songs More Famous Than the Original, we explore some tracks that prove not all hits are unique. Many pop artists have churned out unforgettable chart-topping songs over the years, but sometimes, it's the cover versions that become more famous than the original.

You've surely heard them -- 'If I Were a Boy,' 'I Turn to You' and 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.' But even though Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Cyndi Lauper put those songs on the map, they weren't the first singers to tackle them. Even one of Whitney Houston's early hits, 'Saving All My Love for You,' was someone else's before she lent her velvety pipes to it.

So what's the story behind those singles (and many more)? In 10 Cover Songs More Famous Than the Original, we'll tell you who wrote them and who performed them first, and we'll give you the chance to listen to both versions. Who knows? You may decide you like the original better.