Happy Star Wars Day to you and yours! It's May the Fourth once again, and The Tonight Show compiled a video of assorted characters from a galaxy far, far away singing "All Star" by Smash Mouth ... that somehow works beautifully. Sometimes they only get a syllable at a time -- we particularly liked Rey screaming "FINN!" at the start of the "fin-ger and her thumb" lyric -- whoever edited this thing really used a scalpel.

Of course, you've got your Darth Vaders, your Lukes and Leias, Han and Chewie, but smaller, less-heralded characters also get in on the action. Uncle Owen and the Jawas make an appearance, along with Admiral Ackbar, various Rebel pilots, aliens, droids -- they're all here. You're probably gonna watch this more than once.

"We tell lies about little puppies to encourage people to adopt them" is probably the most adorable way to lie, as demonstrated once again on The Late Show's Rescue Dog Rescue. Watch as Stephen Colbert and Jim Parsons trot out try their best, most dishonestly hilarious ways to get you to adopt an animal from the North Shore Animal League. Lola, for example, is a gorgeous shepherd mix who's "also a moon-landing denier."

It may be Star Wars Day, but our green little planet in this galaxy right here could be in some serious trouble under a new administration that wants to defund the Environmental Protection Agency and increase oil drilling, well, everywhere it can. The Daily Show followed this weekend's climate change protest marches with a segment on "How to Make Trump Care About Global Warming," which is probably an impossible task (unlike reducing our carbon dioxide emissions), but Trevor Noah may have found the answer: Trump's children. No, not Ivanka, Don Jr., Tiffany (remember her?) -- his other children. You'll see.

Last, it's time for Seth Meyers to take A Closer Look at FBI Director James Comey's decision to inject himself into the 2016 election (which some very smart people strongly believe tilted the result in favor of Donald Trump). Comey testified on Capitol Hill earlier this week and defended his choice. If you thought it was a bad decision back then, you probably still do (same thing if you approved of it), but nevertheless, it's worth watching as Meyers tries to figure out just what happened in the lead-up to Election Day.

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