Swedish House Mafia's live swan song is the Ultra Music Festival. We know, boo hoo. The trio is going out on top and delivered a ferocious set as the finale of the first weekend of the UMF. They came, they raved, they loved.

We feel compelled to warn you: This fan-filmed footage will make you a little nauseous, since there's bright lights and the person capturing the moment is a bit shaky, since he or she was probably dancing. But if you can get past that, you'll enjoy the fireworks, sparks, flashing lights, waving hands and more.

"Thank you for giving us this night to remember forever, Miami," the trio said. "We came, we raved and we really did love you, Miami."

And then they launched into 'Don't You Worry Child.' There were fireworks and confetti galore. That's what we call going out with a bang.

Wake us when it's time for the reunion tour, and more raving and loving.