'Gentleman' Hell
Psy already made history with his new video for 'Gentleman,' and even though he makes it look easy, that doesn't mean the viral K-Pop superstar didn't put in a slew of work on the single and its promo. The man busts his butt -- and he's not always happy about it.
First Performance
While not everyone may appreciate Psy's singing nor his schtick, you can't deny the man's showmanship. The K-Pop star performed his latest viral hit, 'Gentleman,' live for the first time, and the guy clearly puts in work.
Orange Cone Fury
Orange parking cones, man. They'll get ya every time, even if you're a superstar like Psy. The Korean sensation followed up his bazillion-times-viewed video for 'Gangnam Style' with the new clip for 'Gentleman,' which is now banned in Korea by the state-funded Kore…
Sets New Record
Don't count out Psy as a one-hit wonder! 'Gentleman,' his followup to 'Gangnam Style,' is already breaking YouTube records!
'Gentleman' Video
Psy prides himself on "dressing classy and dancing cheesy," but he's not too classy in his new video for 'Gentleman.' He's actually a bit of a prankster -- and a jerk! But it's all in good fun.
Get ready to start cursing Scooter Braun again.
The spotlight-loving manager responsible for making Psy go mainstream is subjecting the world to him yet again. At this point, Psy, however lovable and affable he is, has gone viral to the point of herpes. It's not that pleasant, but it could be worse (…

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