Nicki Minaj Breaks U.K. Record With ‘Starships’
We told you last week that Nicki Minaj's 'Starships' was poised to make history, and now it's official: She's the highest-charting female rapper in U.K. history. Pop the champagne! Or whatever it is British people drink when they're celebrating.
Heather Morris Nude Pictures Leak
The epidemic of celeb phones being hacked continues. The latest victim of the embarrassing trend is 'Glee' star Heather Morris; a spate of nude photos have leaked online as a result of her phone being compromised. It's enough to make us shake our fists and declare: Don't tak…
Best Drake Song – Readers Poll
Drake might only has two studio albums to his name, but the Young Money rapper has provided fans with an amazing batch of songs with these two releases. Riding high of the release of his 2011 album 'Take Care,' this singer/rapper continues to dominate the airwaves with his distinctive sound and impo…
Justin Bieber Surprises Selena Gomez in Florida
Selena Gomez left the Florida set of her upcoming film 'Spring Breakers' nearly two weeks ago to fly to Los Angeles to celebrate her boyfriend Justin Bieber's 18th birthday with him. That's dedication and love, right? Well, The Biebs reciprocated this past weekend in order to tak…

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