Rihanna and Kanye West were among several big-name artists who came out to perform at Brad Pitt's Make It Right charity gala at the Hyatt Regency in the New Orleans on Saturday (March 10). A blonde RiRi bedazzled the crowd with her shimmering gown as she performed her club anthem 'We Found Love.'

Meanwhile, fresh from his Paris Fashion Week festivities, Yeezy was looking dapper in his all-black three-piece suit as he rocked the stage with 'Gold Digger' alongside Jamie Foxx. Yeezy then invited Rihanna to join him for a charging performance of 'Run this Town.' Other celebrities in attendance included Snoop Dogg, Sean Penn, Spike Lee, Kevin Spacey, Djimon Hounsou, Chris Paul and 'American Idol''s Randy Jackson.

The event was put together to help raise monies for the construction of 150 eco-friendly homes in the hurricane-ravaged 9th Ward in New Orleans. Pitt's Make It Right Foundation has also expanded into other cities throughout the United States and abroad.

It's always good to see artists doing the "right" thing and helping out with such noble charities like the Make It Right Foundation.

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