Orange Is The New Black star Taryn Manning's makeup artist is seeing red.

Holly Hartman has filed a restraining order against the actress after several drag-out fights, TMZ has reported. The site says the series of incidents climaxed during a recent New York City brawl when Manning allegedly headbutted Hartman in the face, sprayed Windex in her eyes and mouth, whipped her with a wet towel and put her in a headlock.

Manning was arrested in 2012 for attacking Hartman, but the charges were eventually dropped.

Most disturbingly, Hartman has alleged that Manning encouraged her to retaliate during the most recent attack.

"Pick a knife. I'm wearing a white shirt there will be a lot of blood," Manning allegedly said. "You will be famous for killing Taryn Manning."

A legal representative for Manning has said that the request for a restraining order seems suspicious as the actress and Hartman haven't had contact in months. Moreover, Manning alleges that Hartman is trying to draw attention away from her own transgressions — stalking Manning and stealing from her — by making the allegations.

Because the incident Hartman described happened in New York City — and Hartman filed documents in Los Angeles — her request for a restraining order has been denied for now.

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