Today is The Legendary Miss Britney Spears' 34th birthday.

And while, yes, we could do a round-up of B-Girl's best deep cuts (don't believe any list that excludes "E-Mail My Heart") or perhaps compile a list of her best live performances (don't believe any list that doesn't put the "...Baby One More Time" finale of Dream Within A Dream Tour at the top), we decided to do something a little more urban.

There are endless vintage Brit Brit moments to choose from the archives, all of which deserve their own glorification in a museum one day: The 2001 MTV VMAs! The TRL takeover of 2003! But one particular event in particular fell upon my radar (on my ray-duh) out of nowhere.

In 2002, Britney was in full-blown promo mode as a serious Actressney in Crossroads, her cinematic classic about friendship, karaoke and what it truly means to be not a girl, not yet a woman. And of course, the red carpet at all the film's premiere events around the world was nothing less than pure early '00s superstar wattage.

Not only did Britney supply tons of fierce, funky looks on the red carpet, looking so fire hot, a 20 out of 10 everywhere from Paris, to Amsterdam to New York City, but the cast of characters who came out to support the superstar is truly on another level.

Imagine: Charlotte Church, S Club 7 future pop legends Tina Barrett and Rachel Stevens (SINGER OF "SWEET DREAMS MY LA EX," which was originally penned for Britney to sing about breaking up with Justin!), Aaron Carter, the Sugababes (Version 2.0), Blue, Billy Ocean and Britney all in the same place. It happened at the London premiere! Also, look at baby Hilary Duff! Christina Milian! And Melissa Joan Hart's ensemble! Baby Brie Larson! It's all so, so good. (Also, that crying girl is me. Not literally, but kind of.)

We have Crossroads to thank for this cultural coup. Now, when is Crossroads 2: Cross Harder happening again?

Check out the blast from the past up top. Happy Britday, Britney!