Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has come to a new custody agreement with her mom, Barbara, regarding her son, Jace. Although the agreement doesn't fulfill all of her hopes, Jenelle will now have more time with Jace and increased involvement in his life.

Jenelle told E! News, "I'm happy but devastated at the same time that I didn't take it to trial. But in the world of Jenelle, you learn to pick and choose your battles."

The new agreement still allows Barbara to have primary custody of Jace, but now Jenelle is able to be with her son on weekends, holidays, and throughout the summer. The controversial 25-year-old is also able to communicate with Jace's school and medical personnel, according to Janelle's lawyer, Heather D. Kaemmer.

Jenelle has two other children aside from Jace: son Kaiser, age 2, and newborn daughter Ensley.

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