Recordings of the 911 calls made by Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and a fast-acting MTV producer have been released two weeks after Nathan Griffith was arrested for domestic violence.

The March 4 altercation was said to have escalated after Griffith, allegedly, held Evans "against a toilet" and forcibly removed her engagement ring. The two calls may shed some light on the incident that had Evans and her now-ex-fiancé lunging at each other's throats. You can listen to the eerie recordings here.

The 911 first call (via The Hollywood Gossip) comes from a MTV producer who, along with the crew, has been locked out the couples' Myrtle beach residence. She tells the operator, "We are filming with talent and the couple is fighting," before insisting that police be sent because the "fiancé is physically abusing his girlfriend." Muffled shouts, which are presumed to be coming from the house, can be heard in the background.

The second call is from a panic-stricken Evans who tells the operator her "ex-fiance" has stolen her keys and won't give them back. Evans doesn't mention the engagement ring, but does says, "He [Griffith] doesn’t even have his license and I can’t take my son to school.” Evans' is then informed someone has already called 911 and police are en-route.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, 27-year-old Griffith was arrested following the incident but released the next day with orders to stay away from Evans.

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