There was a battle brewing between rapper Nicki Minaj and reality TV star Farrah Abraham on Twitter today and holy crap, it was completely bonkers.

Yes, you read that right: Nicki Minaj and Farrah Abraham were feuding today, online, publicly. Why, you might ask? Let's break it down and try to make some sense of this particular celebrity feud together...

It all began when, while watching TV and live tweeting earlier today, Nicki declared this about the former Teen Mom star:

Ouch. To be fair, those are fightin' words indeed, and within roughly an hour Farrah got wind of them, prompting her to reply with an insult about Nicki's "pornographic" music videos:

Of course, Nicki didn't like that response too much, causing her to hit back with even more c-words:

Afterward this rant, Farrah seemed to try to brush it off, encouraging Nicki to "talk about women with respect" and "go to church":

But Nicki wasn't done, and continued to whoop the "ding-bat" Celebrity Big Brother contestant, tweeting:

In addition, the "Anaconda" rapper continued with her attack by retweeting replies from some of her fans, like these:

The two women have since gone quiet, so it's likely the storm has passed—for now. And while we're really not into girl-on-girl crime or slut-shaming and the culture it helps to perpetuate, we have a feeling these two aren't going to be throwing slumber parties together any time soon.

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