Human rights activists are not happy with Nicki Minaj right now.

A few weeks ago, The Human Rights Foundation asked the rapper to cancel a performance that had been scheduled for yesterday (December 19) in Angola, a nation located in the south of Africa. The performance was part of a holiday concert hosted in Luanda (the nation's capital) by Unitel, a mobile phone operations company that is allegedly controlled by the family of the country's corrupt dictator, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who has been in power since 1979.

In a letter penned to Minaj, president of the Human Rights Foundation Thor Halvorssen asked for Minaj to reconsider her performance, writing, "I am writing to urgently inform you of the human rights crisis in Angola; to explain the role that dictator dos Santos has played in violating the rights of millions of Angolans; and to request that, in view of your status as a global personality, you cancel your performance. Ms. Minaj, the payment you are receiving from your Angolan sponsors is the result of government corruption and human rights violations."

Despite the foundation's requests, Minaj, who had reportedly been offered $2 million to perform, did not cancel the gig and performed as planned on Saturday. So far, it does not seem that Minaj nor any one from her camp has responded to the open letter. After the performance, the "Anaconda" rapper shared this photo on Instagram of her posing with the Angolan flag:

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