Teresa Giudice made an epic cameo in her daughter Milania Giudice's new music video.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star's 12-year-old released the music video for her single "I Can't Wait to Grow Up"  following last night's (Jan. 16) episode. However, we had no idea Teresa was going to make an appearance!

In it, she tells Milania and her friends that they don't know the true meaning of having a slumber party (since all they're doing is playing on their phones), so she gives them the board game Mall Madness to play with.

"Are you guys kidding me? This is what you guys do for slumber parties. Why even hang out? They should just be at their own houses," Teresa says. "When I come back in, make sure you're playing it. Ciao."

LOL, what a gal! The girls oblige and are whisked away to the mall, where Milania dances and raps about wanting to get older. In the catchy song, she sings, "Hey, it’s me, Milania / I’m sure you’ve seen me around / You’ve probably seen me on TV." She also raps about her goals, singing, "We ain’t chasing boys / We chasing checks / We chasing dreams / We chasing goals / Big things popping, little things stopping."

Check out the music video, below:

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