Teyana Taylor had social media jeering Sat. night as the actress-singer dressed and portrayed Internet sensation Joanne the Scammer for Halloween.

The hip-hop and R&B singer donned a blonde wig, white faux fur coat, and even a fake beard for her Instagram fans before appearing in a video where she pretends to be dragged and escorted out of her hotel room by two security guards.

"Let go of me right now!" Taylor is seen kicking and dragging, before yelling, "Get out of my caucasian hallway."

For those who aren't familiar with Joanne the Scammer, the character is actually the alter-ego of comedian Branden Miller, who created the humorous viral character in 2010. The YouTube sensation is best known for her outrageous philosophy on life, and proudly calls herself "the messiest b---- who lives for drama."

And while Joanne herself hasn't commented on Teyana's take, we can't help but wonder what she'll have to say about it.