The Beastie Boys promised they would come to life as action figures -- not dolls -- in the action-packed video for 'Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win,' featuring Santigold. And the trio does not disappoint, as their accompanying action figures endure a lot in the span of a few minutes. We applaud the group for going old school and employing action figures in the video, as opposed to CGI or digital avatars.

There are two versions: The episodic version and the extended version, which makes you wonder how the trio survives, dodging bullets left and right, literally and figuratively.

The video features an anti-Beasties assassin with the goal of terminating without prejudice; snow-covered mountain capers, weapons, espionage, James Bond cloak and daggery, a bloody-eyed zombie that springs to life and lots of battles appear in the video. The short version also ends with a cliffhanger ... Complete with a "Tune in next week" teaser promoting the ill adventures of the Beasties as action figures.

The full, extended version switches the focus from zombies and the snow to the water and sharks, where the Beasties engaged in further battles and parachuting while addressing online rumors about Mike D. going solo! The action never ends when you're a figure. That's for sure. It feels like an episode of 'Lost,' complete with monsters.

There's so much going on. Watch both versions for yourself for a little plastic Beasties activity.

Watch 'Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win' Video (Episodic Version)

Watch 'Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win ' Video (Extended Version)