Forget about McDonald's, the real beef is on Twitter. Apparently The-Dream and The Weeknd are embroiled in a R&Beef with each other over their similar vocal styles. The-Dream fired the first shots at his New York show when he told the crowd that they are several R&B singers "that sound like me."

Those biting comments reverberated all the way to Canada where The Weeknd resides, and he was not too thrilled with what the crooner said. He jumped on Twitter to voice his opinion on the matter and tweeted:

"ham burglar lookin’ ass n---a… [all] i need are my brothers and my fans… f---the bulls---. just gimme that gat damn allderdice god damm it! i’m too turnt up right now!! this n---- is so hood, he thinks my name is the weekender…i was raised old fashioned, you get at me, i get at you… ain’t no sideways s--- about it."

The-Dream himself responded with a long-winded rant on his Twitter page, but he did clarify that he doesn't have a problem with the Canadian singer. He wrote:

Like my father said. Say ur piece son if a man feel uncomfortable enough a cheat, and a liar will identify his self. Amen. Now I know 4 Sure. I said I was Honest not petty. Joke all you want. Grown Man. Love killed Hate. I’m going to support the movement where if u can’t say it in person don’t say it. Nothing but love from here lil homie. Don’t get fooled or tricked and try to come up on a nigga like me , won’t work just do you if u truly are then what we talkin bout. Now ima leave it at that.
Ill call ya phone if you wanna chop it up or if you feel a way. Seek knowledge at all times “if you have a unknowing of a mans true will Use the Word as a tool to unveil the shadow of a enemy. Naw…….I’m signed to my self. Selfmade, I built it ground up, you brought it renovated. Nice. Love kills Hate I’m going to prove it! Watch.
Machiavelli the art of war has nothing to do with a Gun. Its psych thing. U use words to make the opponent make a move that he can never….Move back from the move the word is Permanent! The assumption of your move was merely a thought and now you know for sure….. Now we move. In silence the right way! We on a whole other level ova here. No Calculated moves just Absolute ones.
Yall better quit hyping n---as up. Can’t beef by ur self. Beef wld have to mean insecurity R Jealousy two things I knw nthing about Im Dope! Like I said I think the world of the boy. And nothing will change that. He’s very talented. And its nothing for me to Say that. int enough RandB too Beef. And its no fun ballin by yourself. [Restore] Order. I will not do what the RandB n---a before me did. I’m Dope…..Enough to share the success with any man Worthy! LoveCult! #TheLoveGang. But as my mother would Don’t Take my Sweetness for a Weakness!

First it was Rihanna and Karrueche Tran beefing on Twitter and now The-Dream and The Weeknd. Can we all just get along?

What do you think? Are there R&B singers that sound like The-Dream or is he just conceited? Tell us in the comments below.

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