On tonight's episode of 'The Glee Project,' the contestants needed to demonstrate tenacity and survival skills. They already showed glimpses of both, since tenaciousness and survivor instincts are necessary to pursue a career in show business. It was the end of the road for Abraham, who wasn't tenacious enough, unfortunately.

Theme: All the contestants have demonstrated this trait already, since it takes tenacity to get where they are and that's in the Top 7 on the show. But they needed to turn the knobs up even more and demonstrate that nothing and no one will stop them.

Mentor: Amber Riley (aka Mercedes) from 'Glee' was the mentor. She embodies tenacity. Despite two stress fractures in her feet from dancing on the show in heels, she was there and doing her part for 'TGP' contestants.

Homework Assignment: The final seven needed to perform 'Survivor' by Destiny's Child, which is one of those hell-yeah, high-five anthems that people sing at public gatherings like weddings. Riley thought the cast members were excellent and even wanted to join them in their number. She wanted more vivaciousness from Abraham and didn't feel Lily connected with the song. She liked Aylin's voice, and was impressed by how Ali was moving, despite being seated in a wheelchair. She ultimately chose Ali for personifying tenacity. This was Ali's second win in a row. She is on a hot streak, racking up wins as we inch closer to the finish line and the end of Season 2.

Music Video: The producers chose 'Eye of the Tiger' by Survivor. It was a challenge, harder than getting in the ring and going 15 rounds with Rocky Balboa, since the entire video needed to be shot in one take. On an obstacle course. In a gym. If anyone messed up, the entire group had to start over. To say it was exhausting would be an understatement.

The song was also extra challenging, since the vocals don't fit any of the remaining seven's vocal range, so they needed to learn tenacity, and fast, to tackle the song believably.

It was tough, and they did 30-plus takes, since Ali had such trouble sinking the basket at the end. She freaked out a bit, but the whole cast supported her, which was touching. It was the hardest music video of the season, but the kids nailed it.

Last Chance: Michael sang 'Brick' by Ben Folds Five, and it was pretty unanimous among the judge's panel that he doesn't match up with Blake, who is the clear frontrunner, in terms of singing ability or style. Abraham tackled 'Man in the Mirror' by Michael Jackson. He did a nice job with the weighty song. Lily went full bore on 'I'm the Greatest Star' from 'Funny Girl.' She admitted she was mad that Aylin said that she sings too loud and it threw her off her game.

Ryan Murphy said that all three of the last chancers could be on 'Glee' tomorrow. Abraham popped back on stage to say that he isn't leaving until he gets a role on 'Glee.' Sadly, Murphy still sent him home over Michael, who was "charm on a stick." No one is beating Blake, though.

Here's how everyone fared in a sentence:

Abraham: He was supposed to a lawyer, actually.
Ali: With 34 takes under her belt, she is a textbook case of tenacity.
Aylin: She's getting too big for her britches.
Blake: He is the one to beat among the guys.
Lily: She has trouble blending her voice with the others.
Michael: He is still struggling in the studio ... each and every week.
Shanna: Her southern accent comes out when she gets all fired up -- she is the female frontrunner.