What a collaboration! The Vamps and sister singers Cimorelli have teamed up for a few videos that we're obsessed with. Although the sisters were short a few members, and the Vamps were down Brad (booo), the videos still made for a super fun time and we totally wish we were there!

In the above clip, both groups decided to play a few seven second challenges against each other. From who can put on the most accents in seven seconds to who can name the most animals that start with the letter C in seven seconds, they clearly had a ton of fun. Check out the video to see who won the challenges!

They also did a fantastic job covering Sam Smith's 'I'm Not the Only One' together. Both groups' vocals blend together perfectly on the track -- we wish there was a studio recording! You can check that video out above. We would seriously love to see the two groups do more collaborations in the future.

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