Imagine this, if you will: one of the members of your favorite band reading a story you wrote especially about him. It's totally a dream come true, right?

It's no secret that the Vamps' fans are very, very dedicated. They're so enthusiastic about the band, in fact, that some even write fan fiction about the boys. When the Vamps hung out in the PopCrush office in New York City, we couldn't resist asking them to read some of the best fanfic we could find.

One by one, Connor, Brad, Tristan and James sat down to recite a passage written by a diehard fan. From romantic dinners to long car rides, the band left no stones unturned. We loved the creativity of the fanfic and the serious manner in which the boys took the task.

The Vamps totally aced it, and we're willing to bet they'll make a few fans super, super happy. Check out the Vamps' dramatic fan fiction reading in the video above!

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