Shaved my whole head

A photo posted by James McVey (@iamjamesmcvey) on

James McVey of the Vamps posted the photo above to his Instagram with the caption: "Shaved my whole head." Considering James has long, luscious locks, we can't say we weren't immediately alarmed and saddened by the idea of seeing it all completely gone, so we have to admit we were relieved when he revealed he hadn't actually shaved his entire head!

James soon posted another photo (you can check that one out below) that showed he might have technically shaved around his whole head, as in he probably took an electric razor around the sides and back, but he left the very top perfectly intact -- in all its beautiful, quiff-y glory.

We were pretty sure James was going to grow out the sides, so the cut comes as a surprise, but we totally love it. We probably should have guessed he was totally pulling our leg, especially when you consider how much of a jokester he can be on Instagram and Twitter, but still! Any time a boy band member mentions changing up his signature hairstyle, we can't help but kind of freak out inside.

What do you guys think? Do you love James' new hair? Wish he'd grown out the sides? Wish he'd actually shaved it all off?

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