Yeah, you! Our holiday just got even better, thanks to the Vamps' performance of 'Somebody to You' at the 2014 Thanksgiving Day Parade.

As expected, the guys sounded awesome, jamming to their hit song. While most artists in the parade chose to sing along to their tracks, the Vamps had their instruments on the float! The only thing missing was a surprise cameo from Demi Lovato, who is featured in 'Somebody to You.'

Also noteworthy: The Vamps look totally adorable all bundled up in the cold weather. (Seriously, is there anything cuter than Bradley, Connor, Tristan and James all cozy? We don't think so!) We're giving a special shoutout to Tristan, who was rocking a baller red coat.

Seeing the Vamps in the Thanksgiving Day Parade officially made our holiday that much more awesome. We've got a lot to be thankful for this year -- but we just added this performance to the list.

Watch the Vamps' perform 'Somebody to You' in the video above!

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