Tonight’s episode of ‘The Voice’ (March 26) brought another invigorating round of blind auditions. Each coach needs 12 singers on their team, and it's shaping up to be a very entertaining competition. Read on to find out who joined the ranks of Adam Levine, Usher and Shakira — and how Blake Shelton came away empty-handed.


Midas Whale: These Idaho natives charmed their way into the coaches' hearts with an energized, talent-packed rendition of Johnny Cash's 'Folsom Prison Blues.' Read more about their blind audition here.

Sarah Simmons: She may only be 21, but her voice and poised stage presence portray a wisdom far beyond her years. Simmons delivered a haunting, jaw-dropping performance of Joan Osborne's 'One of Us,' and you can read more about her blind audition here.


Tawnya Reynolds: This 32-year-old country girl sang a passionate version of Ed Bruce’s ‘Mammas Don’t Let Yet Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys,’ infused with twangy and powerful vocals. Her performance should have been right up Shelton’s alley, but as it turned out, it turned every chair but Shelton’s. In the end, Reynolds joined Shakira’s team, who praised her for having a youthful voice and making it classic at the same time.

Cathia: This singer charmed the ‘Voice’ panelists – especially Shakira – with an entirely Spanish version of Luis Fonsi’s ‘No Me Doy Por Vencido.’ “What’s she saying?” whispered Shelton. “I don’t know!” replied an equally dumbfounded Usher. But language barriers aside, Cathia left a striking mark on all four coaches. Shakira remarked that she has the “kind of voice that could work in any language.” Levine proceeded to beat himself up for not hitting his buzzer, saying “I didn’t turn my chair around because I’m an idiot.” Cathia chose Team Shakira in the end.


Josiah Hawley: He took a risk during his blind audition by belting out a version of Maroon 5’s ‘Sunday Morning’ – but ironically enough, this male model didn’t wind up on Levine’s team. The Maroon 5 frontman praised him for his confidence by saying, “Anyone who loves and appreciates what we do and then comes out and performs it for us is bold,” but Hawley ultimately opted to join Team Usher.

The evening contained some pretty amazing highlights, but it also had a distinct lowlight. Karaoke extraordinaire Abraham McDonald sang Beyonce’s ‘Best Thing I Never Had,’ prompting Shakira to say, “You have a unique tone of voice – the only thing it lacked was a little bit of precision.” But apparently, McDonald's performance lacked a lot more than precision, since none of the coaches turned around for him. Needless to say, he was sent home.

None of the contestants chose Shelton as their coach tonight, but luckily, he still has time to round out his team. Be sure to tune in to 'The Voice' next Monday (April 1) for another round of blind auditions. In the meantime, check out the video footage from tonight's episode below.

Watch Tawnya Reynolds Perform 'Mammas Don’t Let Yet Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys' on 'The Voice'

Watch Josiah Hawley Perform 'Sunday Morning' on 'The Voice'

Watch Cathia Perform ‘No Me Doy Por Vencido' on 'The Voice'