Sarah Simmons, a 21-year-old singer from Memphis, Tenn., blew away coaches on ‘The Voice’ tonight (March 26) with a stellar delivery of Joan Osborne’s smash hit ‘One of Us.’ Her performance was chock full of honesty and raw emotion, causing all four chairs to turn around.

Despite her young age, Simmons admitted to having battled a host of demons throughout her life, such as her father’s addiction to alcohol and drugs. He’s been sober for several years now, but her struggles helped solidify her love of music, and they also shined through her haunting and passionate performance.

“You 150% can win this show. I know you can,” commented Adam Levine. He went on to say, “I only really fight for the ones that I’m dying to have. I know that I can do this with you – I just know that I can do it.”

“You may be in my top 3 singers I have ever heard audition for ‘The Voice.’  I mean that, Sarah,” said Blake Shelton.

Simmons’ performance made Usher grin from ear to ear and had Shakira pumping her fist in the air as she praised her for her “softness and sentiment” as well as her intensity, but in the end, she decided to join Team Adam.