When the Weeknd premiered his visual for 'Rolling Stone,' it marked his first real appearance in a full-length video since inking his deal with Universal Republic. Since then, some fans are little worried that Abel Tesfaye might abandoned his ethereal R&B sound for mainstream success. This is not the case.

In an open letter to his fans (posted on his official blog), the "man of few words" reassures his followers that he's still the same guy before he signed his major-label contract. "I want you to know and understand that this does not mean what you think it means, and I made sure of that in my deal," he writes. "You will continue to get what you fell in love with, and I will continue to give you what you ask for."

He also said that the black-and-white video 'Rolling Stone' symbolizes the two worlds that he now found himself in -- the mainstream and the underground. He feels that in order for him to grow as an artist he had to get some help from a major.

"The 'Rolling Stone' video takes place in a dimly lit studio which represents the mainstream world while the other side represents the underground," he states. "The girl holding on represents you. As the world slowly gets familiar with my face the more you will lose interest (hence the pieces of her clothing coming off at every shot). The camera lights symbolize the crossover, and when they begin to flash I look away from the underground. Even though I don't want to, it is a step that I feel I must take to evolve as an artist."

Granted, the Weeknd is facing a tough balancing act in keeping his die-hard fans happy and broadening his sound, but it's a feat that we believe he can achieve. Mr. Tesfaye is a talented artist and we are sure that he won't disappoint his followers when he drops his 'Trilogy' album in November.

Watch the Weeknd 'Rolling Stone' Video