The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye) is no longer an enigma in music. The Canadian singer has embraced his newfound fame after inking a major label deal last year with Universal Republic. His latest album, 'Trilogy,' contains remastered tracks from his trio of popular online mixtapes, which helped transform him into one of the most highly sought-after R&B stars of today.

While the crooner works on his second album, titled 'Kiss Land,' we decided to count down some of the best Weeknd songs within his current discography. Check out PopCrush's picks for the Top 10 Weeknd Songs below.

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    'The Zone'

    Feat. Drake

    We kick our list of the best Weeknd songs off with his atmospheric ballad 'The Zone,' a track from his 'Thursday' album that finds him collaborating with Drake. On the song, Tesfaye croons of taking drugs and making love to his girl while he’s high. "I'ma touch you right / Let me set this slow, let me get into the zone," he sings.

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    'Trust Issues'

    'Trust Issues' is the Weeknd's interpretation of Drake's glum ballad of the same name. He flipped Drizzy's famous 'I'm on One' lyrics and made the original, Internet-released track more gender specific: "All she cares about is money / And the city where she's from / Her intention is the paper / She don't need no f---ing love / She spilling all this liquor / Trying to pass me all these cups / Well baby girl, I'm zonin' / Somebody should've told her... I'm on one."

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    On this uptempo tune, Weeknd sings of a failed relationship and why things turned out so bad. During the opening and closing of the song, he sings, "Oui j'ai pleuré mais ce jour-là / Non, je ne pleurerai pas" ("Yes, I cried, but on that day / No, I won’t cry"), in the native language of Montreal, French.

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    'Rolling Stone'

    This track is one of the many fan-favorite songs from the 'Trilogy' album, which the Weeknd released back in Nov. 2012. In the black-and-white video, the silky smooth vocalist sing-explains to his followers that, despite signing with a major label, his music will remain unfettered with the line, "Baby, I got you."

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    'One of Those Nights'

    With Juicy J

    This is not a Weeknd song, per se, but his fans have embraced it as one of his own. On the melancholy club banger, the dynamic duo detail a night of debauchery at the club that involves weed and women. "Gonna be one of those nights," the Weeknd croons on the chorus over Juicy J’s "trippy" ad-libs.

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    Coming in at No. 5 on the Top 10 Weeknd Songs is his cover of Michael Jackson's 1988 classic 'Dirty Diana.' Tesfaye's falsetto cries steal the show, as he sings of an obsessive groupie who's stalking him. It's a faithful rendition that we think the King of Pop would be very proud of.

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    This is another sorrowful ballad that has become a beloved track among avid Weeknd listeners. On the moody song, the Canadian singer addresses a one-night stand with a woman who has overstayed her welcome and refuses to leave him alone. Even though the Weeknd seems to have had enough with her persistent advances, it seems like he cannot let her go either.

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    'High for This'

    The Weeknd sings about a night of sex and drugs on this haunting track from his 'House of Ballon' mixtape (it also appears on 'Trilogy'). "Don't be scared / I'm right here / Even though you don't roll / Trust me girl / You wanna be high for this," he croons on the refrain. If you want to hear a different spin on the tune, you should also check out Ellie Goulding's more playful rendition.

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    'Crew Love'

    With Drake

    For some people, their first introduction to the Weeknd began with this song, which appears on Drake's Grammy-winning 'Take Care' album. It's also a song that Tesfaye performs regularly at his concerts. The twosome would make quite the compelling duo if they ever recorded an album together.

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    'Wicked Games'

    Finally, at No. 1, is undoubtedly the Weeknd's most popular song out of his discography. It's a ballad that gets the most fan reaction at his concerts. On the guitar-charged track, Tesfaye sings about being in love with a stripper who doesn't share the same feelings. Nevertheless, the crooner continues to bank roll her booty-shaking as he wallows in self-pity. It's a meditation on love, lust, and loneliness.