The Weeknd and Max Martin make for an unlikely duo, but their collaboration on the song "I Can't Feel My Face" sees the perfect melding of their particular strengths into one undeniable pop hit.

For those of you who are more used to the Weeknd's sultry, sensual sound (a la the track he did for the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack "Earned It"), you might be surprised by just how danceable "I Can't Feel My Face" is. But if you're at all familiar with Max Martin's work, you shouldn't be too shocked -- he's the driving force behind Taylor Swift's 1989, after all (well, other than Taylor herself). So if there's anyone who can ensure a smooth transition into the pop genre, it's Max Martin.

And it's a successful foray into more straight-up pop than we're used to from the Weeknd, that's for sure. It's a decidedly more upbeat and overall lighter sound than he usually produces, but it's a welcome change because of how well he manages to pull it off. Not only is the song his catchiest yet, but it still feels very much like a track by the Weeknd. His vocals maintain that same moody, almost ethereal feel from his more R&B-based tracks -- they're just a little more frenetic here, matching the rest of the track's '70s-like disco energy.

"I Can't Feel My Face" is rumored to be the lead single off the Weeknd's upcoming album, and it's a perfect track for radio -- a total ear-worm guaranteed to replay in your head ad nauseam.

You can listen to "I Can't Feel My Face" below.