Timeflies dropped the new track 'All the Way' from their upcoming album and it's a big, bold, EDM-laced celebration of life. It mashes up dance, pop, electronica, electro-pop and a few elements of folk (like robust handclapping). It's a life-affirming and unpredictable slice of dance pop that will get your booty moving like it was meant to.

You know that feeling of losing steam and hitting the wall, which happens at 2PM most days? You need something to give you a boost and get your juices flowing in optimal fashion so you can remain a productive and functioning member society. Well, instead of gulping down a sugary energy drink and then suffering the subsequent crash, why not crank the knobs on Timeflies' 'All the Way?'

You'll get the same result without the side effects.

Folk has found its way into pop and dance music, thanks to Avicii and Aloe Blacc's partnership on 'Wake Me Up,' one of the biggest and most unexpected hits of 2013. 'All the Way' doses the song with a few folky moments here and there, mixed with the larger- than-life beats that you often hear on a David Guetta track. But 'All the Way' doesn't solely rely on the beats to do the talking. The pair's vocals are a driving force on the song, which was co-produced by Benny Benassi, who is pretty much an EDM icon.

'All the Way' is a workout song and a club banger. Essentially, it is a tune that is meant to accompany some sort of physicality. It's beats make you want to move or jump up and down.

Listen tom Timeflies, 'All the Way'