Timeflies, the electro-pop duo who stormed onto the scene with their catchy hit 'I Choose You,' have released the music video for their second single, 'All The Way.' The video features several extreme sports athletes -- just in time for the Winter Olympics.

The video is an up-tempo mix of shots of Timeflies members Cal Shapiro and Rob 'Rez' Resnick and intense sports moments, featuring the likes of surfer Anastasia Ashley, motocross athlete Scotty Stephens and snowboarder Mark Reininga. The impressive feats from each athlete -- coupled with the gorgeous shots of the teal water, sandy dunes and blinding white snow -- perfectly capture the message of the song, which is about loving someone to the fullest extent.

"I told you, when I love someone, I'm loving all the way," singer Shapiro belts out on the tune's chorus. And with each impressive move that Ashley, Stephens and Reininga accomplish in the video, the viewer is inspired to do something -- whether a sport, a relationship, or anything you can think of -- all the way.

Timeflies debut album, 'After Hours,' will drop on April 29.