Back in September, on the heels of the growing popularity of his Wild EP, Troye Sivan released the video for the EP's title track with the subtitle "Blue Neighbourhood Part 1/3." While an explicit reference to his forthcoming debut LP Blue Neighbourhood, the video's subtitle also implied the beginning of a narrative that chronicles the romance between two men from childhood through young adulthood. "Wild" represented the couple's extended honeymoon period, wherein the seemingly-secret love they share eclipses everything.

Yet the beginning visuals of "Wild" hint at an unhappy ending, the catalyst of which we see in Part 2, "FOOLS." Once their love is exposed by one of their fathers, the two realize they were indeed fools to think things would stay perfect. Heartbreak ensues.

Yesterday, Sivan uploaded the final installment of the story, a somber track and video entitled "Talk Me Down." SPOILER ALERT: Although the title of the song only implies suicide, the video fully realizes that dark reality that many queer individuals and their allies know too well.

Every aspect of the video's composition is dipped in melancholia, from the obvious graveyard/funeral scenes to the blue color filter, from the good and bad flashbacks to the actual suicide. This is a sad and serious affair, and Sivan doesn't want us to forget it.

And rightfully so. At a time when queer individuals are obtaining the most legal rights they've ever had, it may be too easy to forget the darker moments that have occurred along the way, and still occur now. The chorus of "Talk Me Down" serves as a succinct and powerful reminder of this reality, as Sivan repeats his desire to sleep next to his lover in the face of the tragic impossibility facing them. Sometimes it's the simplest of pleasures that we take solace in in times of loss.

As a young and recently-out gay man himself, Sivan has the potential to be another strong voice for the community—a voice that we look forward to hearing more of on Blue Neighbourhood, which is due for release on December 4, 2015.

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