Troye Sivan dropped his new music video for "Wild" featuring Alessia Cara on Friday (July 22), and in it Australian singer celebrates individuality, freedom and same-sex love.

Directed by Malia James, the semi-home footage style clip finds the pop star, along with a group of wistful teens, hanging out in suburbia with friends and lovers alike while exploring the unassuming, fleeting beauty of young love.

"We shot this music video that basically just profiles love in a couple of young relationships..." Sivan told Billboard during a preview concert at San Diego Comic Con on Wednesday (July 20).

"For me, the song is always about those initial butterflies you get when you meet someone new. I wanted to capture that and capture it in a bunch of different ways and show people that love is love no matter what form it’s in," he added of the video treatment, which is being promoted on social media with the hashtag #KEEPONKISSING

Indeed, the video noticeably showcases the openly gay Blue Neighborhood singer engaging in some innocent PDA (including adorable ear nibbling) with his on-screen boyfriend, highlighting the need for mainstream entertainment media to further normalize and integrate depictions of LGBT romance and relationships in ways that no longer feel marginalized, revolutionary or niche.

And that seems to be the personal mission of Sivan: In the artist's spring 2016 cover story for LADYGUNN magazine, he revealed, "I really [want] to show an innocent LGBT relationship. I feel like gay relationships are so sexualized. When you see a little boy and a little girl walking down the street, and holding hands it’s like ‘aw cute,’ but you never see it with two boys. It’s kind of portraying what it’s like before you realize there’s anything ‘wrong’ with you."

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