The girls of TWICE might only be days away from beaming their Signal upon an unsuspecting world on May 15, but the massively popular Korean pop troupe already has a reason to celebrate this month: the record-breaking music video for their TWICEcoaster : LANE 1 smash "TT" is now the most viewed music video in K-pop girl group history.

Over the weekend, the "Knock Knock" troupe officially ousted the previous title-holder, Girls' Generation's 2012 hit "I Got A Boy," from the No. 1 all-time position with the video for their irresponsibly cute and catchy 2016 ode to the Korean emoticon (ㅜㅜ).

Naturally, the victory also provoked a bit of a fan war between the two groups in comment sections and forums — but mostly well-wishes and praise all around.

The video for "TT" is now at over 189 million views and counting. Prior to smashing the all-time record, "TT" became the fastest K-pop group video to hit 100 million views back in January.

Check out various celebratory tweets from Twice fans (who are also all like T.T) below — and the music video, of course. Congratulations, TWICE!

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