Tyga regrets the painful end of a relationship on 'Far Away,' a song from his upcoming album 'Careless World' that features former 'American Idol' contestant Chris Richardson.

A piano intro sets the tone as Richardson, the fifth-place finisher on Season 6 of 'Idol' and new signee to Cash Money Records, brightens up the track with a soulful hook:

"She’s far, far away / And I’d do anything just to see her face / But she’s far, far away / Walk a thousand miles just to see her smile again."

The relaxed beat features drum rolls and a few synths way back in the mix, as Tyga sensitively expresses his disappointment about ending something great:

"If I could turn back I’d make it all right / Praying that you better, but it's still stormy weather / Don’t wanna let go, but the rain won't let up / Now you gone, still thinking 'bout you everyday / And I know feelings was hurt, and you can blame me but / I’m sorry for the games that I played / But now it’s too late."

The appealing melody and lyrical depth make 'Far Away' a definite winner. Perhaps it will even make people forget about Tyga's 'Snapbacks Back' fiasco.

'Careless World' is expected to hit retailers later this year. Richardson's full-length debut, which blends pop and R&B, will also drop later in 2011.

Listen to Tyga's 'Far Away' Feat. Chris Richardson