UPDATE (2/4): It’s still unclear as to whether Tyler, the Creator will appear on Kanye’s upcoming release (which, by the way, is once again untitled), but Tyler has collaborated with Kanye -- sort of.

After thanking fans for helping wife Kim Kardashian’s Kimoji app hit No. 1 in the iTunes store, Kanye posted a video to Twitter of Kim’s new (and decidedly NSFW) emojis in action — set to a beat that appears on Tyler's 2015 album Cherry Bomb. Check that out below.

Kanye West recently tweeted the good news that his forthcoming release Waves -- the album previously known as Swish -- was finally complete. He later followed that up by posting a revised track list that indicated numerous artists would appear on Waves, making it seem like "the best album of all time" wasn’t quite as finished as Kanye made it seem.

As of today (February 1), you can (possibly) add one more last-minute feature to the ever-growing list of guest artists. Joining the likes of Chance the Rapper, 2 Chainz, ASAP Rocky and more is Tyler, The Creator. Well, maybe.

Kanye’s longtime friend, fashion designer Tracey Mills, posted a photo to Instagram of Tyler in the studio, staring at the now-legendary legal pad that lays host to Kanye’s continually changing Waves track list. Mills attached the caption “Wolf gang in the building #Waves 2/11/16."

It should be noted that there's no confirmation as to whether Tyler was merely paying the studio a visit or if he'll actually make the album.

But hopefully Waves is nearly complete, because it’s set to debut in multiple theaters around the world on its supposed release date of February 11.

Earlier today, Kanye tweeted out a link to tickets for the event, which will premiere his album and include a performance by Italian artist and previous collaborator Vanessa Beecroft.

Tickets for Kanye's Waves premiere are currently on sale over at his official website.

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