Earlier this month, Tyrese dropped 'Open Invitation,' his first album in five years. Now, he's giving fans a look at what went down behind the scenes during the recording process.

"It's only been four days, and we've already got 11 songs done," Tyrese boasts during the middle of what he described as "R&B boot camp." Tyrese worked mostly with producer Brandon "B.A.M." Alexander, who says, "We stayed up for four days without sleep during R&B boot camp. Grind. Music. Love."

"I grind like I haven't accomplished anything," Tyrese adds while narrating the video. "I never sleep, I'm focused, and I'm constantly thinking about the next level." He invites more than a dozen women into the studio, saying, "Anybody who knows me knows my formula when it comes to the studio and doing music. I gotta have a lot of women around me. I study women. I wanna know what they're thinking, what they're feeling. I'm watching their reactions. I wanna know what they feel is missing in music so I can try to fill that void."

The clip includes footage from the making of the 'Stay' video. On the set, Tyrese's co-star, Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson, pretends to throw a diva fit, yelling, "Do you know who you're dealing with? Two Academy Awards. Look at the floor! Don't dare look at me in the eyes. You are not worthy!"

Tyrese also thanks his fans for supporting his movie career, which included roles in 'Fast Five' and 'Transformers,' discusses his spiritual journey, hangs with Diddy, Teddy Riley and will.i.am, throws a party with Jamie Foxx, returns to the live stage, and spends time with the most important person in his life, his young daughter.

'Open Invitation' hit No. 9 on the Billboard album chart and has produced two hit singles, 'Stay' and 'Too Easy' featuring Ludacris. The album is now available on iTunes.

Watch the Making of Tyrese's 'Open Invitation'