Leighton Meester dropped her debut album, Heartstrings, nearly a year ago, but that doesn’t mean she’s safe from the abysmal media guidance of Vanessa Bayer’s Sound Advice character, Janessa Slayer.

Bayer’s ongoing Above Average web series depicts the Saturday Night Live comedian giving truly terrible advice to famous musicians, and in its latest episode, Meester is on the receiving end. After suggesting the title Heartstrings evokes Barbra Streisand (wait, is that a bad thing?), Bayer suggests the Gossip Girl actress should haphazardly cut “songs eight and nine” from the album. Needless to say, things get awkward fast -- and Meester’s facial expressions say it all.

Nevertheless, Bayer is determined to leave the meeting with a new BFF in tow. “I just feel like I’m going to maybe tweet that we’re best friends,” the SNL cast member deadpans. “I’m still going to have to charge you the fee for the session though, ‘cause I like to keep personal-professional separate.”

The interview -- which you can watch in its entirety in the video up above -- concludes with Bayer and Meester clinking glasses and the former announcing, “It’s lonely at the top, but also, a lot of people are in love with us.” Cheers!

At least Meester is in good company. Previously, Bayer has given equally awful media coaching to former Jo Bro, Nick Jonas.