For a guy who has often been mocked in the 20-plus years since 'Ice Ice Baby,' Vanilla Ice has a good sense of humor. Ice stars in a new comedic video in which he pretends to move to the L.A. neighborhood of Echo Park to try to win over hipsters with his reinvented indie rock sound.

"These hipsters ... They have way more disposable income than most kids who listen to hip-hop," Ice says while performing at a bookstore and coffee shop. Surrounded by a crowd of hipsters, some of whom claim to buy Vanilla Ice records once a month for ironic purposes, the rapper delivers an acoustic guitar-based rendition of 'Ice Ice Baby' featuring harmonies and actual singing.

The entire crowd gets involved in the sing-along, and one observer with a glockenspiel is invited to join the performance. "The fact that I bought this glockenspiel from a vintage toy store as a total joke, and then Vanilla Ice is doing this as a total joke ... It becomes real somehow?," he wonders.

"Nobody can tell if it's cool or people just think it's cool," Ice says. "By the time they figure it out, I've already been booked at Coachella and sold my line of ice cube trays called Ice Ice Baby Makers."

Watch the Indie Rock Vanilla Ice Win Over Hipsters